Years ago, before starting Vintage Muscle, I was a nationally ranked s champion bodybuilder that competed and won numerous titles in the 80’s and 90's. I and my friends grew up in the golden era of bodybuilding. I was one of those New Jersey teens that trained in the cold iron pit gyms that were typical on the east coast. I recall the first day, in 1985, when I walked into Worlds Gym in Red Bank, New Jersey where I learned what the world "training" really meant. I read the magazines and dreamed of moving to California and sharing the stage with greats like Lee Haney, Tom Platz, Robby Robinson and all the classic greats. 

    In the 80’s our fashion fit our lifestyle. I loved the old Golds Gym and World Gym tank tops - I wore them everyday to the gym! The same one’s Arnold wore back in Pumping Iron. No piece of clothing could make you look better and bigger than those classic tanks. They were a symbol of your love of fitness and bodybuilding – and made you part of a community.

    Today I meet a lot of people who share my passion for classic bodybuilding and fitness. And it’s not just the over 40 crowd, it’s the new generation of up and coming athletes. They tell me how they admire the classic, ideal physique and the way we trained. 

    I got really lucky one day in Fall 2017 and connected with an old friend, Ric Drazin, the orignal designer of the Golds Gym logo. He shared my passion and we wanted to bring back a little of what made that time so special. That’s how Vintage Muscle was born.

    Our goal is to blend classic, retro designs with the fit and feel of modern fabrics and cuts. These aren’t your old man’s gym styles. They evoke the classic era while making your physique look great in and out of the gym. 

    Classic is a movement – and Vintage Muscle celebrates that movement!

    I hope you love them as much as I do.

    Diamond Dave Mihalovic